Helen provides supervision for counsellors and other practitioners supporting young people. 
Supervision is a specialised form of mentoring for practitioners and although predominantly done with counsellors, it is invaluable with anyone supporting others.
Supervision supports high standards and ethical guidelines, promotes quality and skills, advance learning, stimulate creativity, and support the sustainability and resilience of the work being undertaken. I am happy to talk with anyone who is interested to discuss models and practice and well as personality as I know the right match is important. I can visit your workplace or home if you prefer, as long as you are within a 30 minute drive of Newcastle centre. I can also do online supervision. Please email or call to discuss your needs.
In schools, staff members usually talk about a few students they are concerned about and we look at the presenting issues , the strategies for exploring issues, awareness around potential child protection issues and supporting the staff member. This can be especially useful if they are supporting a young person with an issue they may have currently experienced themselves like a death or illness within the family. 1:1 staff supervision is £40 per hour and small groups are £60 per hour (this can be useful if there is a wellbeing team).