Schools and group work

I am a counsellor with a focus on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and over 13 years experience working with young people, families and carers in a variety of different settings, with an interest in creative work.

Our young people have a clear need for 1:1 counselling and group work around issues such as; exam anxiety, motivation, self esteem, anger, behaviour, education around self harm and others. This need is best supported by a committed and innovative therapist, driving and supporting the interests of the client in a multi-agency context.

How does this work?


Groups should ideally have around 6 members and run for 6-12 weeks. A clear goal is important for all to work towards. The facilitator does not take an authoritative stance but works with the group to ensure focus, introduce mediums and tools and keep participants safe. After agreeing a goal and an informal contract with the group regarding confidentiality and safety, the facilitator uses discussion, debate, plans, play therapy, creative work, role-play and games to work through joint issues and concerns and develop new coping skills and reinforce support networks. Ideally students learn to support themselves and others and are able to seek appropriate support in future.