A whole new therapy


I discovered a while ago and wasn’t sure what the point was. ‘We Heart It‘ is a place to save/ tag images that we have found on the web that we love… and that’s pretty much it. I perused and left.

However with a little time on my hands and a prompt from a fellow twitterer I rediscovered and over an hour later found myself mesmerised scrolling through pages and pages of images that other members had ‘hearted’. I have always liked art, creativity and pretty things in general, but there is something nice about that amount of choice, the ability to see something through someone else’s eyes and take it for yourself without guilt or money! The fact fashion is mixed with prose and character; photos of books; coffee cups and stationary with scenery; landscapes and natural beauty is a fascination.

Without a doubt each and every varied picture evokes an emotional response – as art should, and yet unusually this site seems to bring together predominantly positive emotions – and I feel refreshed and insprired – not bad after some free internet browsing! – this is my corner of the we heart it world, feel free to start your own!

thanks to for the image (posted by jules g).