Starting Therapy

Starting therapy or counselling is a massive step which all therapists have to remind themselves of, throughout their career, whenever they meet a new client.

Starting a new job is daunting, starting up a conversation with a stranger can make us blush, being put on the spot can be overwhelming. But, in any of these situations you can hide behind a mask, act confident, choose to walk away or start anew.

In therapy you have to give yourself, be honest and step out behind the mask. It is a relationship unlike any other. Not giving yourself to the process means losing out on potential gains. Trusting in the relationship and the therapist mean starting a difficult but powerful journey that will hopefully lead to positive change. This is why forced referrals don’t often work as well as they could, if at all. Therapy must be a choice you are ready to make.

It is also why I look at every new client with respect for making that step and placing trust in a process and relationship that has not yet begun.


  1. Christine Bondmann

    I hold every client in awe. To face ourselves is difficult and to do so in the presence of another demands courage. I too never forget that.

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