What do we take from Goodbye?

If it makes you feel sad to see someone walk away then you know that you had something special with them.

What do we take from relationships, encounters and experiences?

When I was younger it was always the gift shop that was important;

as a teen it was a good story to share with friends;

then as a young adult the new knowledge or understanding gained;

now what I value most is the experience shared with a loved one directly or in conversation.

What do we have when we loose a loved one?

an old watch, a vase, faded photos, or warm memories, an altered sense of self forever influenced by their beliefs in the world or faith in you.

To some this may make perfect sense, something positive to hold onto as grief fades, for others this may be some way off. Grief, disbelief, confusion, emptiness and anger are big emotions to work through. Remember what you have gained and find some way of consolidating it as something positive we can take out of the tragedy of loss.