Welcome to the Branch Blog

The Beginning…

After much remuneration I decided to start a blog.
Is it just me, or is the word ‘blog’ funny?

The debate was should it be a blog about therapeutic musing, articles and academic stuff, or related to my constant learning and development through client work, or about life: growing tomatoes, eating cake, drinking coffee and the like. I decided to combine all three as all represent me. I then had to get over writing for a potential audience (is anyone reading this?). I am comfortable with academic writing and proof reading student’s GCSE English coursework, but a blog? Are there blog rules? Bear with me folks!

Newcastle Quayside

So me right now: I spent the morning walking along a sunny Newcastle quayside drinking hot coffee and going ‘oooo’ at every stall but being remarkably good. I had a lovely Sunday dinner then chopped down half a tree and inspected my tomato plants. Tomorrow I will get up at 6 as I am working in an inner city secondary school with vulnerable and disaffected students. I whinge often about politics and funding but love the students. I also volunteer for two organisations as a counsellor: Your Homes Newcastle Young People service and Kids and Us, a child and family counselling service as well as my own counselling service Branch Counselling so as you can expect I am quite a busy bee.


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