Depressed but Grateful.

Depressed but Grateful.

What have YOU possibly got to be depressed about?!

You have a home, family, job, you are loved, what more could you want?!

Am I not enough for you, don’t I make you happy?

There are many people who’d wish they had your life, you don’t know you are born!

Your baby is so beautiful, you must be the happiest person ever.

Do you realise how lucky you are, so many people don’t have what you have, you should be MORE GRATEFUL!

When people are dealing with depression, low mood, anxiety, or any mental health concerns they often hear words like these.

For some mental health is triggered by their surroundings or events, they are traumatised from a toxic relationship or struggling through poverty but for many it’s not that obvious. It may be that negative thought patterns are from an old trauma, something we processed incorrectly, something we haven’t even acknowledged. It could be incorrect thinking styles from our upbringing or those influencing us, low self esteem or a belief that we don’t deserve to be happy. It may be purely chemical, a cocktail of hormones doing unbidden work on the inside. Any of these can be happening whilst in the middle of what is a lovely life. Having nothing to pin overwhelming negativity on is really unsettling, knowing you should be happy and content and actually are struggling to get up in the morning is hard. Feeling grateful for a lovely family but struggling to want to spend a minute in their company is hard.

You can never measure depression or compare people’s experiences, it’s hard for it to be tangible. Just because there is no obvious trigger, they have lovely lifestyle, they have support and maybe seem to be functioning doesn’t mean their depression is any less valid than those struggling with depression because of grief, stress or who visibly look tired and ill.

Check in with people around you, those who are quiet or loud, happy or sad, laughing or crying. You don’t need to fix it or be responsible for anything but just the acknowledgment that you hear them can be enough.

Image credit: Thanks to Lidya Nada for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁

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