We are all Mothers

We are all Mothers

On Mother’s day there are a lot of posts, articles and outpouring of love for Mothers. Recently we have become more aware that this needs to include those who have lost their Mother, those whose Mother’s couldn’t parent and those who are adoptive, foster and surrogate Mothers.

We appreciate that this day can be emotional for many in good and bad ways. However the idea of being a mother is to nurture, rescue, protect and care and I would argue we can all have this maternal instinct. I’ve said it to clients who are young teenagers and to males and non binary clients. Young people who have nurtured their friends through grief, self harm, self hatred, bullying or a simple bad day. Young people who have raised their siblings or neighbours. The concept of being a Mother is bigger than having a child. I felt I was very aware of the concept of motherhood before it was ever a reality.

The reality of being a parent to a baby is something very different because it’s so all encompassing (and exhausting) but past those baby years I would argue the maternal traits are very similar to those many experience throughout their lives.

So maybe Mother’s day is truly for us all; to be grateful for the nurturers around us and the nurturer in ourselves.

Raise a glass to yourself!

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