This is me…

This is me…

For most the idea of counselling is terrifying. I know because I have done it myself.

All counsellors or therapists should undertake personal counselling, for some courses it is not mandatory but it is highly recommended. If you are reading this as a trainee, then do it! This was me in training “oh I don’t really need to go, I am just doing it because it is the right thing to do”. This was me 2o minutes into the first session “sobs, oh I didn’t expect to cry!” There is always something unresolved, always something to work through. My counsellor was relaxed and open, I felt I could share and I did.

We need to have experienced the other chair, the fear of the first session and the worry about what to say, or not to say. The fear of the awkward silence or being so weird the counsellor will just stare in disbelief.

Really it shouldn’t matter what the counsellor looks like because it is about the words, but that instant reaction or the fear of what might be, means that it can matter.

So this is me…

This is me on a normal day, with no makeup. I have boosted the brightness levels to mask a spot, because while I think it is unfair to use photoshop to look like a model, I will admit to some vanity. I am informal by nature and I am just as happy sitting on a floor in a child’s bedroom as I am in an office. If for whatever reason it doesn’t feel right, then I will help you find someone who does. The relationship is key.

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