​Religion for the non religious 

​Religion for the non religious 

I do not subscribe to any religious denomination. I am christened with the church of England but have never attended church to pray. We often attend community events at our local church, because we love our community and they have a lovely multicultural open door policy. 

I work with people from many different religious backgrounds and see value in religion. When I am asked if I’m religious I have to answer ‘no’ but struggle with this, I fear it implies a lack somehow or a gap in my life. 

I come from a science background and don’t subscribe to the idea of one God or a religion that has very specific expectations from me. 

However I do I have a faith, a faith in good, that in some way good feeds good and kindness feeds kindness. I believe in community, charity and purpose. I believe we should have respect for our environment around us. I don’t pray but I do take time regularly (usually daily) to be thankful and grateful for what I have, to stop and get perspective and remind myself to be happy instead of caught up in daily drama. 

I am sure there are many like me who have a set of values that mirror the idea of faith, integrity, a moral map and time for reflection (prayer). But without the label or guidelines of a religion we don’t have a reminder to stay on path, a narrative to add to our story, a focus for our identity. I’m not saying that we need a specific religion but maybe we need a reminder to review our faith, whatever it may be and take time to pray/ meditate/ breathe/ think….

A concept of religion for the non religious.

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