Back to school

Back to school

I’m enjoying the last couple of days of the Easter holidays. While I have still seen private clients, I have been away from school work where I see about 15 clients a week. It’s a nice break from early starts, meetings and busy corridors.


While I enjoy my coffee I’m updating my diary (incredibly loved filofax) for the students I’m going to see next week. It’s been an unusual half term in that I have had no emails from young clients. I’m debating if this is a good thing or bad thing, I often worry about students who won’t have support over the holidays, and sometimes those worries have been well founded.

Often people not in education ask me what work I do in a school; is it all about teasing and homework? The scary fact is our young people are dealing with adult worries and issues, the pressures from current culture and social media. From the death of a parent, drugs, social isolation, sexuality, poverty, the web of social care and yes homework. Often my work is done knowing that my client can change little practically. We focus on self esteem, building relationship and the future.

Monday will be both a worry and a relief but I will have coffee!

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