A day in the life

A day in the life

After getting up a 6, I arrive in my office early, it is only possible one day a week and I savour it. I drink coffee and eat granola while drafting a letter for a client to take to a therapist or doctor in the future. Our time has to come to a close, she leaves sixth form soon. We both acknowledged that she won’t feel comfortable explaining our work so if she can take my words with her it would help. I feel prepared and organised, and that is what I should have savoured because it was my last moment for the day.


I met with 2 clients that morning who brought a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat. Theoretically and as a therapist I was working well alongside the client but my heart jumped straight in. I didn’t blubber and I’ve being doing this long enough to feel comfortable knowing that sometimes sharing my reactions are helpful. However on reflection I mostly felt delighted. Doing emotional draining stuff hour after hour day after day could easily make you disenchanted and cold. Knowing that it still gets me, pulls on my heart strings, makes me sit on my hands so I don’t offer a hug is great. The day that goes away is the day I become a barista.

After lunch (and steak McCoys) I had to switch my head back on for meetings and a visit. Luckily I had a very understanding colleague alongside me. We hopefully found a way to minimise my extensive waiting list and we also said goodbye to a client we both worked with, which was as it often is, bittersweet.

Being out on visits meant beating the traffic and getting home quicker. A role change and navigating phonics, kitchen dancing, bath times and milk spillages took up the next few hours before I left in the dark to see an private client who wanted top up support. Seeing a client again is also bittersweet, it’s sad that you are needed again but I enjoy the reconnection as well.

I arrived home before 9 for a decaf coffee, 2 squares of dark chocolate and to update notes and my filofax.

As always bed at 10 with my kindle. My filofax and kindle are my favourite possessions!

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