Different ways

Different ways

Yesterday I felt unsettled, uneasy and I didn’t know why. Nothing bad had happened but I had that horrible nervous pit of stomach feeling.

I ignored it, continued with my day and carried that feeling with me, I couldn’t explain it so I couldn’t deal with it.

That evening I was putting away my photocards and realised I hadn’t used something I had to hand all all day! I took out a pack and rifled through picking out 4 cards. I picked quickly with instinct.


The heart leaf for me is family and home and the joy in this time of year. The three below are about new beginnings and change and worrying that I am not able to fulfil my own expectations. This was my worry. I couldn’t identify it because I wasn’t dealing with it that day.

Knowing this meant that I could deal with the emotions, I didn’t need to resolve it I felt better, just knowing.

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