Stress and smiles

Stress and smiles

Today is my first weekend in our new family home and this last week has been a huge mix of emotions, stress and decisions. Solicitors, estate agents, chains of buyers and sellers make communication and decisions very complicated and frustrating.

Watching my family and myself has highlighted how we all process and deal with high stress situations differently. Some shouted and grumbled, couldn’t sit still, others got busy, kept quiet and some left completely till it was over. My other half and I are opposites and I think it’s why we work.

Some things I learnt:

• Stress can be a positive thing, a motivater.

• Change is scary but sometimes necessary and can lead to fab things.

• Perspective is always important,  stepping back and realising the broken lamp shade isn’t the end of the world. This is all going to be worthwhile.

• Make eye contact with your other half, connect without a cross word, and smile. It grounds you both as working towards a common goal as a team.

• Don’t do everything, prioritise and remember sleep, water and food are important. If you stop functioning then nothing will get done – self care matters more when you are most likely to forget about it!

Can you add any more tips for this type of stress?

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