The Story of Self-Harm

The Story of Self-Harm

Felicia Johnson ‘Her’

I came across this book on Twitter. Twitter has given me interesting conversation, up to date therapy news, gift ideas and local activities and most recently a new book to read.

Although I’m an avid reader and read many practical books about therapy and mental health, for personal reading I tend to avoid mental health. I want to escape work in my relaxation time. However the book snuck in under my radar and it seemed like a bargain as an ebook.

I’m pleased it did. The book is about mental health and therapy and it is hard hitting. However, it was also emotional and engaging. Although the main character has a very hard life, I didn’t feel pity, but as though I was a passenger on her journey and stepped back from analysis, diagnosis and therapy.

Kristen was brought up an emotionally neglectful and abusive family home and is withdrawn from those around her. Self-Harm became her coping skill but a skill that began to control her. Cleverly self-harm is depicted as a character which means you feel the addictive control, release and emotion more tangibly than you would with a simple description of cutting. This story is a journey to understand her family, herself and her strengths, not just a drama about mental health problems.

This book is not factual, it provides no advice or guidance and it only tells one very individual story however it does educate. It’s education lies in allowing those who have never experienced that level of distress or self-harm to understand what it might be like and to emphasise instead of judge or ignore, a powerful tool in today’s culture.

I told the lovely Felicia Johnson on Twitter that I enjoyed her book and she kindly offered my readers a free ebook. If you would be interested please comment below.

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