Stress squeeeze

Stress squeeeze


A client asked me why I didn’t have a stress ball and I couldn’t really give them an answer. I have many therapy ‘toys’ in my room but I guess I always thought a stress ball a bit cliched.

The Works sell flour filled small stress balls for 99p – bargain! I bought 2.

Only one made it to work. I put on the table at 8am and it was only put back down again at 3 at the end of the school day. At one point I even wondered if he would make it and I certainly feel qualified to say they are durable.

I didn’t ‘use’ it in any special therapeutic way, I didn’t direct the use or even suggest it was picked up at all. Yet it was carefully moulded, caressed, punched, pummelled and held. It added to therapy in a small squishy significant way.

So stress balls… not just a cliche!

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