Emotions Cards

Emotions Cards

Many moons ago when I worked for a charity counselling children and families I went in search of emotions card.

Emotions are funny things that can be hard to descibe and hard to voice. There are a few sets of cards out there to choose from but interestingly I have never seen anyone use them. I believe it is because they all seem childish. It seems an obvious medium to use however, as many people are used to using emoticons in social media to express themselves quickly and easily. 🙂   😉   😀   🙁   :'(   :O

Luckily for me I am married to a fancy pants designer man 😉 and he worked with me to develop some cards and stickers.

They have been used again and again and reprinted after my work place was flooded :/
They have been used when young people couldn’t find the words, they have been used to educate about different emotions, and even with adults as an icebreaker in group work. I currently work with teenagers and use them regularly and I am reliably informed they are ‘cool’.

After a number of requests, the fancy pants designer, this therapist and a clever print company have worked together to make a portable high quality, amazing set of emotions cards.

Currently being made… eeek 😀

What will you do with yours?


  1. Tracey Brockman

    Hi I was introduced to your cards by my Supervisor , Val. Wow they are great and since getting a copy of them this week I have not put them down!! I work with primary aged children and at the start of my sessions this week I have asked them to choose a a card to represent how they feel. then we’ve expanded on that emotions, given them colours, given them people’s names, places, textures… you name it! What a great tool for my tool box. Thanks for making them and please let me know if I can buy the stickers and anything else too!! Many thanks

    1. helen@branch

      Hi Tracey,
      I am so pleased you are enjoying your cards! I am currently creating and ordering new stock and do have stickers available. Would you like an email when they are ready?
      Helen 🙂

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