Counselling – A skill you can never master.

Counselling – A skill you can never master.

Each counselling experience is never an obvious path or an easy journey, it is ever evolving, ever complex and always an effort.

I expect my career in therapy to always feel off balance, unsettled and hard work. Moments of feeling you have ‘got it’ should be rewarding but fleeting. I say this because part of being a counsellor is joining the client on their journey towards their goals, answers and solutions. Even if we feel we know where that path may lead, we need to accept that as a hypothesis as often it is the journey itself that provides the depth of understanding and learning. If we can’t stand side by side with our client and empathise truly with feelings of uncertainty and struggle, while offering guidance, then we can not offer a true counselling experience.

It is an odd sensation, and to be honest a frustrating one to be part of a profession you can never truly master, however the joy of each journey outweighs it all.

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