The label of therapy!

The label of therapy!

I have heard it said (somewhat light hearted):
“Well I am not in therapy yet!”
“As long as my child is not in therapy I have done ok”
“They are so weird, they need therapy”.

They made be said in jest or in passing but I think it depicts the misconception many have that you have failed in some way if you need or have therapy.
When I was 12 I wanted to be a counsellor and though my Mum suggested therapy for me in a difficult time, I turned it down as I believed it would be perceived as a sign I couldn’t cope and then I wouldn’t be allowed to be a counsellor and help others. I did that therapy over 10 years later!

I have worked with many families and their children. The parents that reach out and ask for help, that support their child though therapy have all been strong, loving people who have worked hard to make their children happy, safe and fulfilled. The child has undoubtedly made a massive step and worked hard but I always make a point to recognise their parent’s strength no matter how small they feel their part has been in the therapeutic work.

Therapy is more acceptable but we still have a way to go for it to be seen as a positive sign of strength rather than a cure for a weakness.

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