The new school year

The new school year

I am sure we all remember the feeling of summer coming to an end. Sad that the fun and sun is over but slightly excited about our new pencil case, shiny shoes and seeing our friends.

I still work in a school and nothing has changed but it has grown.

I am currently entering the clear out phase of the summer holidays and have cleared out my wardrobe and painted my kitchen, soon I will be planning ahead and getting school shoes.

Each September is a renewal, a new beginning and a chance to makes the changes we want to make. We can do this at any time really and however often we want as it is a personal effort and an invaluable chance to say “today is going to be different, today is going to be better or if all else fails my effort will have been great and I will be proud”.

Here is to resolutions whenever and wherever they may be!

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