Finding Happiness

Family life is a tangled web, the old nucleur unit is long gone, the work-life balance is unsettled, economics are dire, relationships complicated, expectations vast and social culture diverse and a little scary.

In amongst all this we do well, we have true happy moments, good dreams and fabulous support but it is not surprising we become stuck sometimes. Sometimes talking to a therapist can help, working through serious issues like depression etc is a possibility but also just a few sessions to offload, step back and gain perspective is all that is needed. This can be done in an approach tailored to your needs.

Sometime it is our children we are worried about, introverted or angry, grieving or lonely… Therapy can also help, but not scary 1:1 conversation with a stranger but self expression through play, prose and art can help a child express themselves and learn to solve their own problems or know how to ask for help.

Branch can help.